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Swachh dietary services, under the leadership of Mrs. Saroj Goswami is a professional catering company with over twenty years history & a strong team of committed, experienced executives, dietitians, nutritionists, chefs & well-trained service staffs.
Since established in 1989, Swachh dietary services, has been dedicated to provide quality and specialty catering services in India and overseas, including restaurants and throughout years has been well managed and developed and wined a good name in the hospitality field due to the professionalism and satisfactory feedback from customers.
Mrs. Saroj Goswami is experienced professionals in hospitality business with international operation and managed background, who understand and care for the needs of different customers.
As, we at Swachh dietary services understand the importance of quality to the special customers we are dealing with, great efforts have been taken in each step to ensure the best quality of food and service to be delivered as specified and requested. From raw materials, ingredients to recipes, way of cooking, from the taste of food to the contents of fat, calorie, sugar, carbohydrates, from hygiene standards to food cost, each and very conceivable elements are being carefully handled and scientifically calculated by our professional team. With all the necessary modern and traditional equipment's, well-trained and devoted staffs, and highly committed management, we are fully capable of offering our end customers a pleasant and enjoyable dinning experience with healthy food and fast service, which have been proved and maintained in the last twenty years.
Swachh dietary services sincerely hopes that with our professional service and best hospitality, we can establish a long-term relationship with an esteemed organization like yours and by offering quality food and enjoyable dinning experience, bringing long life to everyone.
Everyone in Swachh dietary services Services is committed to consistently delivering superior services in the most efficient way, for the shared benefit of own customer’s shareholders and Employees.
To lead and become the international benchmark in hospitality industry in India. To dazzle and delight the customer with the highest quality of hotel products. Food & beverage experience and above all exceptional service standards.
  • Openness, Trust and Integrity Passion for Quality
  • Win Through Team Work
  • Can – Do
At Swachh dietary services Services., we commit towards serving Safe Food to our customers by rigorously implementing Food Safety Practices.
We will strive to achieve this through:
  • Use of safe and good quality raw materials in food preparation.
  • Evaluate and Partner with our suppliers to secure & maintain quality of delivered products.
  • Maintain highest standard of hygiene and adherence to temperature norms for food. food safety Continuously periodic audits to ensure adherence to standards.
  • Continuously Train & Educate our employees to achieve High Food Safety & Hygiene Standards.